About Katch

About Us

The Story of Katch

Founded in 2019, Katch was developed by leaders at the intersection of data science, technology and entertainment.

In 2019, Andrew Tight (film producer at Lionsgate), Dr. Nolan Gasser (architect of the Pandora Radio Genome Project and author of Why You Like It: The Science of Culture of Musical Taste), Kyle Haley (engineering at Disney) and Jacob Clifton (data science and artificial intelligence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, NBCUniversal, Warner Brothers and Ticketmaster) teamed up to create Katch.

Katch quickly gained traction within the entertainment industry and began working with clients including Sony and Paramount. With 20+ years of experience in genomic science, Katch is the pioneer of genomic data. There is no other data company who has the unique expertise to build the DNA to understand content identity and personal taste.

Going beyond the genre

Building efficient global marketing and media campaigns to maximize viewership and ROI. Uncovering segments obscured by traditionally broad classifications like genre or mood. Creating impactful messaging based on unique taste.

Providing insights at the speed of cultural relevance...

Sharing data and insights that allow entertainment companies  to identify related and resonant media for any cultural event in real-time. Comprehending multiple dimensions of content libraries to help design a more focused experience for viewers to reduce churn.

...and at every stage of

Delivering next level insights on media at all phases of a project from script to final cut to direct to consumer marketing.

The Leadership Team

Our Mission

The mission of Katch is to help the world understand why people like what they like.

Our Values

Change the World