Discover taste-based data

Discover taste-based data

Introducing taste-based data: revolutionary data built by humans and scaled with artificial intelligence.

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The Challenge

Global brands are wasting billions trying to reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right offering.

The Solution

Taste-based data that goes beyond the surface and delves deep into the essence of individual preferences.

What is taste-based data?

Katch taste-based data sets combine a scientific perspective on content identity and
descriptive narrative themes, with global customer preference signals. Using genomic science,
content is broken down into core attributes and then organized into traits and content clusters.

Products to optimize
your business.

Katch delivers Data as a Service (DaaS) via Software as a service (SaaS). Partners can
access Katch datasets via the Katch API and/or the Katch Insights Portal.

Katch API

The Katch API is a powerful tool designed to give you access to Katch’s proprietary datasets
to power your business’s internal products and data analysis platforms.

Products include:

Genomic Traits on Content

Our core Content Identity metadata product provides a deep intrinsic understanding of 500+ content characteristics at the title level. Traits delivered per title range from approximately 50 - 100 depending on content format and the content’s genomic makeup.


Scripted TV

Unscripted TV

Short Form Video

Content Clusters

Our Premium Content Identity metadata product provides a measure of proximity to inform where each piece of content sits within a Content Graph.

Receive Top Clusters + Proximity Scores at the Title level

Receive all titles and proximity scores associated with specified Clusters.

Taste Profiles (in beta)

Our data set can be combined with consumer data to create viewer profiles/personas that include:

‍Trait Affinity Scores ranked by relevance

Cluster Affinity Scores ranked by relevance

This allows for granular curation, recommendation and search experiences.

Katch Insights Portal

Access our datasets in a SaaS platform environment to help support your data driven strategy. Our Insights Portal provides unique dashboards and tools to provide a new approach to research for your content and marketing strategy team members and puts the power of data into the hands of the individuals making daily decisions.

Dashboards include:

Global Market Intelligence

Content Comparison Tool

Content Identity Tool

+ more

Not all data is
the same.

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