Katch and AI

September 7, 2023

Human intelligence is the foundation. Artificial intelligence allows us to scale.

Katch has invented a new approach to characterize the inherent make-up of products, content and brand identities. In doing so, Katch has made it possible to apply data science to understand why people choose to consume what they do. Katch employs a genomic methodology to capture the full identity and experience of every entity they code - whether it be a film or a television show, an Instagram reel or a fashion brand. This is called taste-based data.

Katch has created a platform of interrelated and normalized genomes, each containing more than 2000 individual factors or genes. Each entity is coded across these 2000+ genes by well-trained human analysts following strict coding and QA protocols. These genes are then aggregated into genomic traits across every category in the genome. After hand-coding tens of thousands of films, shows, videos and brands using its proprietary genomes and protocols, Katch is able to utilize this immense data as an invaluable and proprietary training set primed for expansion through the powers of generative AI.

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