Katch University

July 7, 2023

This section will highlight members of the Katch team! Today, we’re focused on KatchU Internship Program, which kicked off last month.

Katch’s internship program, KatchU, is back! This year the program management team, led by Bianca Mangravite and Alision Armstrong along with the help of Daniel Roginski, processed 227 applications and welcomed a class of 104 Media Genome Interns from over 70 schools around the world.

Cities in the United States where KatchU is represented. Outside of the US, KatchU has a presence in India, Italy, France and Germany.

Katch’s Genomic Operations team is heavily involved in the training and culture of this ambitious remote program. In fact, almost every member of the GenOps team (aside from Nolan Gasser, Kristy Strouse and Jake Tropila) are members of the KatchU alumni network. In addition to learning how to code film and television and perform quality assurance, interns are given opportunities to hear from leaders in entertainment about how to break into the industry and what it means to succeed in the business. Past speakers include Mark Andrews (Oscar-Winning Director and Head of Story - Brave, Ratatouille, The Incredibles), Barbara Wall (Executive Producer - Dead Ringers series, The Exorcist series) and Patrick Lee (Rotten Tomatoes Founder) to name a few.

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