Katch's Nolan Gasser Speaks at the TV of Tomorrow Show

June 1, 2023

Last week was the annual TV of Tomorrow Show at the General Residence in San Francisco. The TVOT Show is an intimate, 2-day event which brings together leaders from across the entertainment industry to discuss the future of television and advertising.

Katch’s Chief Genomic Officer, Nolan Gasser, was invited to speak on a panel about the importance of branding and the potential impact that leveraging well-known IP can have on subscriber growth. Moderated by Jon Giegengack (Hub Entertainment Research) and featuring speakers including Shannon McKenzie (Director of Creative Products and Metadata Services, NBCUniversal) Ashwin Navin (CEO, Samba TV) and Anjali Midha (CEO, Diesel Labs), the panel gave Katch a fantastic opportunity to highlight it’s unique value proposition to a room of fellow c-suite members and key decision makers. Amazing work, Nolan!

CEO, Andrew Tight and COO, John Dicconson also attended the event and made many fruitful connections that may lead to potential partnerships and clients.

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