The Genomic Traits of Pixar

Jules Caldeira
July 7, 2023

For 28 years, Pixar has created films that have entertained and even defined generations. Their films have earned more than $15 billion worldwide, and with their newest, Elemental, they’ve set out for a repeat success once more.

As we look genomically at this animation powerhouse, can we understand what defining traits of their films might have lent to their storied success?

Throughout their films, Pixar utilizes A Story of a Protagonist's Life & Times, following The Tale of a Flawed Hero or A True Hero’s Story, with leads that are typically Lovable, Courageous, Funny, Sympathetic, and Family-Dedicated.

The films’ plots usually involve A Story of Self-Discovery while Overcoming Life's Obstacles. They are almost always An Adventure Story that can involve The Squad on a Mission toward their ultimate goal. These stories are brought to life through Imaginative & Creative Storytelling from A Tidy and Well-Synthesized Script, sprinkled with Clean / Cute or Situational Humor that always culminates in A Happy Ending and is brought to life with A Unique and Defining Directorial Vision.

Most films have a Sophisticated and Distinctive Musical Score, which is typically Orchestral, that further enhances their Joyful Spirit and Active and Energetic Mood, which allows audiences to walk away with An Inspiring Experience in mind and An Aesthetically Rich Experience at heart.

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